this is me

This site started 21 years ago as a means to document random art, technology, films, ridiculous Internet findings and, occasionally, to have a place to express some personal musings. Oddly enough, the focus still hasn't changed much in that time.

My name is Michael Eades; an Internet dweller who has dabbled in design, development, product management, online social experimentation and curation in many forms.

Current day job is at Vimeo (formerly VHX) but on the side, I run a boutique label called yk records and a podcast network, We Own This Town, that showcases Nashville area talent.

Previously, I spent 12 years doing development work with KNI and, before that, ran the website for the small indie Spongebath Records.

As noted, this site is an archive of ephemera I find entertaining. In it's eleventh iteration I've found myself leaning away from trying to do any sort of insightful long-form writing as I've never been as eloquent as a kottke or waxy (tho, a boy can dream). That may happen from time to time but this is meant to be a rest stop along the Information Superhighway, a brief respite of entertainment.



This site is built on top of a custom PHP backend, the Foundation grid on the frontend and various bits of duct tape and glue elsewhere provided by Zapier. Typeface is Circular and system friendly, depending on where you're coming from. This is the eleventh official iteration of this site, published on Dec. 31st, 2019.

for the record: "yewknee" is a nonsensical word with no literal meaning. It is pronounced, "you knee."


Reach out via twitter or good ole email if you have anything to discuss. I do my best to reply in a timely manner.

ongoing projects

yk Records
started in 2009 as a conduit for music that friends had no plans on releasing. now it's a full fledged boutique label focused on releasing quality music from a variety of styles. you know, like a label does.

We Own This Town
Originally a Nashville area music blog, this site has grown into a full blown podcast network as of 2018. There's still music insights about the fringes of the city but we also work to shine a light on creative and insightful folks in Nashville around of that realm. It's a real blast.

other things

Chris Gaines: The Podcast
published along with co-host Ashley Spurgeon; a limited series podcast that takes an absurdly researched deep dive into the time that Garth Brooks took on a fictional personality named Chris Gaines.

Garth Brooks Chris Gaines Countdown
to celebrate the 20-year anniversary of the time Garth Brooks took on the fictional personality Chris Gaines and appeared on Saturday Night Live in character, I GIF'ed the entire episode. It's a lot of GIFs; please use them.

Upright T-Rex Music
official site of the brilliant duo behind the music of DOTS, the short film Arrival and a bunch of other great projects. Just a reminder that I occasionally do freelance sites; happy with this one.

a social network built around communal beard growing for four months. yes, it was as weird as it sounds but equally fascinating and enjoyable.

moustache may
an offshoot of the beard growing contest mentioned above. equal amounts of oddball fun but only a month long.

summer mix series
before all music was streaming everywhere, Internet music fans would swap zip files of music. it was truly a strange and wonderful time.