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👋 Hi, I'm Michael Eades; a long time Internet dweller, design dabbler, dangerously amateur developer, online social experimenter and frequent curator.

Currently working as a Product Manager at Mosaic. I also keep the lights on at a boutique record label called yk records, a podcast network called We Own This Town and a t-shirt shop called Nashville Galaxy. Previously, I built things for Vimeo OTT, VHX, KNI and Spongebath Records.

This site is an archive of ephemera I find entertaining; tweets, videos, random links, galleries of images.

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Reach out via twitter or good ole email if you have anything to discuss. I do my best to reply in a timely manner.

for the record: "yewknee" is a nonsensical word with no literal meaning but a unsurprisingly nerdy etymology. It is pronounced, "yoo • knee."

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ongoing projects

yk Records →
started in 2009 as a conduit for music that friends had no plans on releasing. now it's a full fledged boutique label focused on releasing quality music from a variety of styles. you know, like a label does. Here's a sampler on Soundcloud and a different one on Spotify. Options.

We Own This Town →
Originally a Nashville area music blog, this site has grown into a full blown podcast network as of 2018. It's an attempt to bring together creative folks about a variety of interesting topics.

I host this show all about Nashville local music outside the expectations of the city. I'm biased but all the shows are good.

Nashville Galaxy →
An online t-shirt shop featuring beloved and defunct Nashville area businesses. Very niche audience on this one but I tend to think niche is good.

some noteworthy other things

Chris Gaines: The Podcast →
published along with co-host Ashley Spurgeon; a limited series podcast that takes an absurdly researched deep dive into the time that Garth Brooks took on a fictional personality named Chris Gaines.

Garth Brooks Chris Gaines Countdown →
to celebrate the 20-year anniversary of the time Garth Brooks took on the fictional personality Chris Gaines and appeared on Saturday Night Live in character, I GIF'ed the entire episode. It's a lot of GIFs; please use them.

Whiskerino →
a social network built around communal beard growing for four months. yes, it was as weird as it sounds but equally fascinating and enjoyable.

Moustache May →
an offshoot of the beard growing contest mentioned above. equal amounts of oddball fun but only a month long.

Summer Mix Series →
before all music was streaming everywhere, Internet music fans would swap zip files of music. it was truly a strange and wonderful time.

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Bill Willingham Sends Fables Into the Public Domain

I have zero familiarity with Bill Willingham or his series of Fables comics with DC but I am impressed by his decision to release it all into the public domain. A great read even if you, like me, have no idea who this person is.
Speaking of Upright T-Rex Music and Justin Lawes; the two have collaborated together and released the self-titled album Computer Jazz. The songs were all written and recorded by Lawes, Wariner and Uhler together. Given that I've been listening to Wariner and Uhler make music for 15 years, I can hear their influence very heavily but Lawes is definitely putting his own spin on that work.

If you like bleeps and bloops combined with sweeping movements; they got you covered. I am absolutely loving it.
Waaay back in 2017, I launched the portfolio website for Upright T-Rex, the production studio that my buddies Ross Wariner and Cody Uhler operate for sound & music design for all kinds of media. I am happy to announce that here in 2023, six years later, they have outgrown the site I built for them and relaunched the whole thing! Check it out at and be sure to spend some time in each section - keeping an eye out for gems like "The Game That Never Was." To be clear, I did not build this new site but I am overjoyed to see their work maturing beyond what I provided!

Ross and Cody both make music independently as Uncle Skeleton and Cody Uhler, endeavors also worth you ears should you enjoy what you're hearing from UTX.

If you find yourself needing any sort of audio, you really should hire them - they do a bang up job.
Been a minute since I immersed myself in portfolio site but the work of Justin Lawes certainly deserved my time. I am particularly fond of the playful work, the behind-the-scenes insights and collaborations. There's a ton to see - go enjoy!

The most bizarre thing about this trailer for Poor Things is that its hosted on the Kodak Youtube account. That’s saying a lot considering how bizarre this looks! Early reviews confirm it's quite enjoyable too. Looking forward to it.

On the Road with Mitski

yes, I'm linking a New Yorker article. yes, it's actually worth a read.
I've long been a fan of Skyway Man (and his previous iteration, James Wallace and The Naked Light). He's got a new record on the horizon, Flight of the Long Distance Healer, and it seems he has stepped up his game - conceptually - quite a bit.

This incredibly impressive video for "The Holding On" feels authentically from its era. Realistically speaking, it's a clever use of old footage and brilliant color treatments of new footage but it just feels like an actual piece of lost cinema. There's a story unfolding in there too but I will let you dig into that if you feel so inclined.

If I had to place my bets on what the record sounds like before the album is released I'd say - sci-fi folk with an upbeat feel and an ominous overture. That's what the video is giving me and I suspect there's more where it came from. Can't wait.
Back in 2021, the song "Space Freeway" was released as a collaborative effort between electronic artists Eve Maret and Adrienne Franke; two artists that I greatly admire. I have patiently awaited more music to emerge from that meeting of minds and now the wait is over!

The collaboration is officially called Eardrummer and their debut self-titled record will be released on Oct 13, 2023. The first track "Hibiscus" is available now and likely streaming everywhere. I urge you to follow these two, their collab IG account @_eardrummer_ and buy the record. It's gonna be a good one.
Remember when you used to stumble upon a random website that had a 24/7 streaming feed of genre-specific music that ticked all the right boxes but you couldn't figure out how they existed as an actual business? DKFM is an excellent example of exactly that. The website has more navigation items than you can count, most of the content seems to stop at 2021 but the actual music feed is going strong and well worth listening to. Hit play, pin the tab and maybe buy a shirt to keep them going through this mysterious existence!
Look, YouTube is littered with garbage countdown lists but sometimes they are legitimate doses of entertainment. I don't know that I can call all of these "nightmare fuel" but there are some amusingly weird creations in here worth perusing.

The Artists and Cartoonists Who Designed Pee-wee Herman's World

Even if you don't read a word of this, the sketches, doodles and various visual ephemera are absolutely delightful.

Everything You Need to Know About the 'Alien Mummy' Unboxing

I know this guy is kind of old news but I am loving the latest unveiling. 404 Media brings the whole thing down to Earth but I am still entertained.

Index of Aesthetics

bookmark it. inspiration to infinity.

Is That Dog Talking or Are We Fooling Ourselves?

we've all seen the videos of this behavior. The real answer likely lies somewhere between true communication and learned mimicry. Either way, they're smarter than we generally credit them.

Danny Cortes, Miniatures Artist

you know I love a miniature. Cortes has an uncanny knack for detail.

Does anyone think Twitter gets *better* from here?

Been grappling with staying on Twitter. This evaluation echoes my internal sentiments quite well. It's not going to get better over there and continuing to use it is endorsing the actions of a terrible and dangerous guy.

The Missing Insert

looking for some design inspiration I stumbled across this repository of vinyl inserts for metal albums. Some truly fascinating choices here.

The Tragic Tale Of How NASA Space Planes Ended Up In Someone’s Backyard

an honestly fascinating history of the failed NASA X-34 program

The sound of the dialup, pictured

Phenomenal infographic and a helluva educational breakdown on the nostalgic modem handshake

Supergrass / Life On Other Planets reissue

3 CD set that is absolutely worth a listen or three.

This GQ piece, Harmony Korine’s Hi-Tech Vision for the Future of Movies, is absolutely wild. I'm not exactly shocked that the guy who made Trash Humpers has some far out ideas but what he's forecasting in this article seems to be especially unique.

To be clear, I don't think all of these ideas are bad - not by any stretch of the imagination. Korine seems to be correct that attention spans have changed; the way we consume media has changed and, thus, the way media is created should change. In fact, it already has. The fusion of short form content, interactive / gaming content and fever dream nonsense does not seem far off in the future. It's closer than we think.

I don't agree with Korine's takeaways from the article 100%. Much of what is described sounds unhinged, unfocused and absurd to the point that it'll never be a reality. It's too many ideas to actually happen - a videogame but also a short 1second film but also face remapping software but also physical masks that look like demons but also a clothing line. Seriously, that's all in there. Lots of good individual ideas but hard to imagine them all parsing together.

But maybe I'm a Ludditte. Maybe Korine is a visionary. OR maybe his success isn't dependent on being embraced by a huge audience, so doing 1,000 different things that a small group adores will be enough.

It's a lot to think about and I suggest you take it all in and marinate on it.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) sent a letter to the DEA saying they did their research and believe marijuana should go from Schedule I to Schedule III in classification. It's a huge NO DOI request but one that the country desperately needs.

I say this not as a huge pothead that wants to see more drugs legalized but as a rational, compassionate, human being that understands that if liquor is legal, there's no ground to stand on for marijuana being Schedule I. It's clearly absurd and idiotic.

Anyway, just a note to keep an eye out for more news. The DEA can choose to move forward or do nothing. I'm hoping for some action.

A bestiary of robots designed for maintenance

Really fascinating thread about leveraging robots and tech to monitor and update our infrastructure, jobs people do not want to do and robots can do better. Wild stuff.
I'm working with sugar sk*-*lls to release their next album, Star Time. Today, we released the brand new video for the track "Two-Chambered."

It's directed by Casey Pierce, who has done work with Twen, Molly Martin, Jessie Baylin and so many more. The video itself evokes the infamous Eames "Powers of Ten" short or the 1982 cult classic feature Koyaanisqatsi. It exists on an epic scale - from celestial bodies to earthly creations to cellular division. It's a video that begs to be immersed in, not watched casually.

Much of the feedback I've heard about the sugar sk*-*lls music so far is that people have a hard time connecting with the vocoder vocals. I understand this take but I'd point out that the robotic nature of the vocals is sort of the point, since the content of the lyrics is incredibly emotional. Listening to the lyrics on "Two-Chambered" is a legitimately moving experience for me. Particularly this bit:
I know where to look
But not where to find you
Within memory
All I know is this
It strikes me as heartbreaking - searching for someone but knowing they only exist as a memory. It is delivered by a robotic voice but it's as human as it gets.

Anyway, I'm superbly biased on my enjoyment of the video and the song but I think you'll dig it. I hope so at least!
Wonder Popular Science piece here on successful nuclear fusion. Scientists have now been able to fuse atomic nuclei and get an energy gain - more energy coming out than going in. About 1.5 times as much coming out. Not a huge amount but a fairly momentous step forward in the realm of science. Even more exciting is that they've been able to do it more than once.
The article is enlightening but, truth be told, I got the majority of my comprehension on this topic from the latest episode of The Cross Cut, my bi-weekly podcast that combines recent news with film chatter. Hosts Jesse and Forest talk about the fusion and the 1997 film The Saint. One they liked, one they did not. I'll let you guess which.

A great listen and a fascinating topic to learn more about.

Homer Simpson adidas

The meme evolves to a sneaker. Impressively subtle

Mort Garson - Black Eye

MORE new Mort Garson?! Wild. Love the theme song on this one.

Normcore LLM Reads

"Links that are reasonable and good explanations of how stuff works. No hype and no vendor content if possible." My kinda link dump. Bookmarked.