Was recently informed of the works of Emily Elizabeth Miller and I must say, I'm an instant fan. There's several Nashville-centric designs in here that might make no sense to outsiders but I assure you, they're great. That said, there's plenty of other works in the shop and portfolio well worth a gander.

I also recommend a follow over on Instagram.

Bolt - One Click Checkout

scroll this homepage. The animations are absolutely bonkers and spot-on elegant. Haven't seen something this nice in awhile.
Recently helped launch a portfolio site for the one and only Jack White that showcases his endeavors outside of the musical realm. Jack White Art & Design is a rundown of photography, sculpture work, interior design, instruments, film direction, vinyl concepts, upholstery and more that he's had his hand in. It's truly mind boggling how many projects he's been involved with.

I don't do a ton of freelance these days but when the opportunity came my way to work on this, I couldn't pass it up. It was a truly collaborative effort but I was really happy to be leading the charge and am quite excited to get the work out into the world.

We'll be adding more content over time but there's plenty there already to keep ya busy. For more on the project, check out this Rolling Stone or Variety piece.

Kay Adams - The Reason We're Together

just a reminder that not all great music is on your traditional streaming services. unless you count youtube in there, then i guess it is.

Japanese Artist Creates Amazing Miniature Dioramas Every Day For 10 Years

there isn't a bone in my body that doesn't love this

For Fans Of: King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard

Bandcamp recommends additional artists for those into ole King Gizzard. Love this type of post.

Holly Plus

artist Holly Herndon releases a tool to allow anyone to make music with her voice. aside from the interesting utility of it, there's plenty of conversation to be had about vocal ownership, AI impersonation and potential privacy concerns this could have in the future. It's Art for now but it opens the door to a lot more.

"Demon Embrace" by Theo Ellsworth

I've been subscribed to the Tiny Showcase newsletter for more years than I can count. I *stay* subscribed just to see gems like this one.

278 Days to build an Underground Pool

my mind is blown in so many ways. incredible skill, technique and dedication to say the least.

Building a Tabby Cat

absolutely bonkers skills. the eyeball alone would take me a lifetime.

Github Copilot: AI Programming First Look

hadn't really heard much about this previously. pretty intriguing quick look at AI powered code.

YMO + Kirin Lager

a little treat you didn't know you needed

Talking Heads Live in Rome, 1980: The Concert Film You Haven't Seen

via @austinkleon; a widely respected precursor to Stop Making Sense that I, absolutely, must watch

JCPenney Super Denims Robot Commercial

Robot Super Dennis really goes to town on these Super Denim jeans.

Total Wife - self-titled

haven't listened to a note of this yet BUT I haven't heard anything from them yet I haven't enjoyed. Color me intrigued.

K.D.A.P. - Dooms Dive

KDAP is Kevin Drew of Broken Social Scene. He has a new record called Influences that is inspired by Brian Eno and his ilk. What I've heard so far is a mixed bag but it's certainly worth at least one listen.

Who killed the Segway? Was it me?

Decoder Ring does a pretty great rundown on the history of the hype of the Segway, how it got out of control and the overall aftermath. Worth a listen.

@scroll-timeline with Kevin Powell

really enjoying Powell’s channel in general and this video is a nice tutorial on some bleeding edge new CSS markup. its an hour so i dont expect anyone to watch it in full but check the first few minutes for sure!

Keith Grosbeck — Opuntia Cafe

if you're around Santa Fe, go check out this polaroid exhibit by Mr Grosbeck

Sean Thompson's Weird Ears Summer - Torn & Frayed 62

a playlist meant to evoke hot summer TN nights. nails it.

Is Neom the future of sustainable cities?

absolutely fascinating insight into this “prototype” city aiming for a 2025 debut. it is unlikely to reach all of its goals but the *ideas* are amazing
Wanted to make a quick post here to note that my brother wrote a book and it's available for pre-order. The subject matter is Boxwell Reservation, a Boy Scout camp that has existed in the Middle Tennessee area for approximately 100 years. I can confirm this subject matter is niche but for those interested in the topic, it's a great resource.

He worked on this for years - doing in-person interviews, transcribing them, doing library research combing through piles of old newspapers gathering data. It has been an impressively massive pile of work just for the preparation of the actual writing! I'm real proud of him and if you have the vaguest interest in Boxwell, the power of community of Boy Scouts or just supporting a writer; please do check this out.

Giant Cat Billboard

My kinda content

Blinker the Star - Arista

covers album including No Doubt, Boz Scaggs, Solange and more.

davis cox - sunspots

five track EP from a friend. well worth a listen if you're into atmospheric, ambient tunes mixed with a little noise

You Won't - "Ya Ya Ya"

haven't listened to this in 5 years; still great.