Wren: offset your carbon footprint

Measure, back offsets, strive for neutrality. looks intriguing.

Brian Eno Launches His Own Radio Station

“Eno has curated a radio station that will play nothing but unreleased cuts from his five decades of making music. “


How sampling altered the Universe

little sneak peek at the upcoming Everything Is A Remix series from Kirby Ferguson

SmartLess podcast wants $20mil

honestly, sort of revolting. $20mil!?

The Beginning of the End

Dan Teran on Food Delivery, Strategy, and Karma. A must read.

Flamingosis - Daymaker

new album!? intrigued!

Researchers find way to spy on remote screens — through the webcam mic

absolutely wild:

“Because of the way computer screens render a display—sending signals to each pixel of each line with varying intensity levels for each sub-pixel—the power sent to each pixel fluctuates as the monitor goes through its refresh scans. Variations in the intensity of each pixel create fluctuations in the sound created by the screen's power supply, leaking information about the image being refreshed—information that can be processed with machine learning algorithms to extract details about what's being displayed.”

Pellet Ice Is Extremely Overrated

I dont share a passionate opinion on this but I do love the editor’s note at the top.

jazz parrot playlist

from Defend New Orleans: perched above the bullshit ~ tropical jazz for life!

Menomena - Cough Coughing

revisited this recently and still love it

Joe Derr – Kako Gallery

stumbled across this while walking through NOLA. note to self to take a deeper dive later

An Oral History of The Green Knight

getting pretty hype for this one

John Linnell - Roman Songs

Linnel releases solo EP of songs with Latin lyrics. Intrigued.
For awhile now, I've been admiring the work of director Seck. His YouTube channel is filled with extremely well shot, highly creative videos. I downright love this, am astonished by this and find this downright brilliant in its simplicity.

When I helped release the No Stress album for Prelude No. 1, I hoped that I could find a way to work with SECK through the promotional process. The No Stress songs can be short but maybe that would be the perfect pairing?

Well, we made it happen and SECK directed this No Stress video for "Sunset on Saturn" - the closing track from Prelude No. 1. It's 90-seconds but there's a lot of world building in that short time. The Nashville Scene premiered the track and made some excellent insightful remarks about the plot of the piece; is it a Twilight Zone style nod or is it a social justice think piece? Somehow, I think it's both.

Everyone involved here is brilliant and I'm so glad I got to be a conduit for getting a little short film made like this. Enjoy.
The name Cody Uhler may not ring a bell for you immediately but if you've been reading this blog for any amount of time, he's been mentioned in many different forms over the years. He's released multiple albums under the pseudonym Nahnee Bori (if you've never heard "External Recap," prepare for greatness), he's collaborated on every single Uncle Skeleton record, he's partially responsible for the greatness that is Kindercastle and he has helped craft all of the music for the series of DOTS mobile games. That last bit doesn't get mentioned too often because mixing day job credits with solo work can feel a bit exploitative but it contributes to the fact that Uhler is extremely adept at writing music, particularly in a videogame framework.
With the release of Darbo's Island, his first album under his own name, he takes that experience to the next level. He spent a very long time studying the intricate restrictions of music made for systems like the Super Nintendo; very low sample rates and very few samples playing at once. Even within those restrictions, many of us have extremely fond memories of soundtracks for the likes of the Zelda, Kirby and Mario series.

The result of that study grew into Darbo's Island; an album that somehow manages to simultaneously feel nostalgic and incredibly modern. It's an homage but it's also entirely original. It's not an easy balance to strike but he's, honestly, crafted a beautiful thing.

You can buy the album digitally on Bandcamp or stream it on your preferred service. If you were ever infatuated with video game soundtracks, I promise this is for you.

Everything is a Remix 2021 Trailer

Kirby Ferguson returns with a new series on his well established idea. Very relevant in our meme fueled world.
Seems like it's been since February since I posted a Friday Videos. That's a helluva long time between distracting posts of idiotic videos. Frankly, between my day job, my little label, my podcast network and my upcoming nuptials I really haven't had the time to browse for dumb, shareable, content. I still plenty plenty of dumb stuff but nothing you'd want to see!

Aside from my personal obligations, I feel like between Instagram, IG Stories, TikTok and whatever other app is hot at the moment, you have plenty of distractions at your fingertips. Sure, they aren't curated by lil ole me but a distraction is a distraction at the end of the day! Whatever you need to get by.

I digress. Let's get distracted. Aside from that I've really just been watching an unbelievable amount of Taskmaster, David Lynch Weather Reports and revisiting the Kazoo Kid Trap Remix. What else should I be doing?

Hope you got that vaccine! Stay safe.
I can't begin to express my excitement for unveiling this new Cody Uhler video for "Purple Barrelling." A few months back, we hit up Director & Animator Mike Kluge (aka MKAV) about making a piece for the song. We were fortunate enough to have recording artist Glume contribute some dancing footage and Kluge went to work. The results are astounding.

The track comes from an album called Darbo's Island, which is meant to be the soundtrack to a Super Nintendo videogame that never existed. It is inspired by the restrictions and patterns of old SNES music but, ultimately, it goes for a much more modern take. The "Purple Barreling" video follows that same line of thinking - it's a nod to 90's nostalgia but it's modernized in every way.

I've been fortunate enough to watch this thing more times than I can count already and I hope you'll do the same. It's just mesmerizing.

Creative Works Conference 2021

returning to Memphis this year on Oct 7-9. Lineup looking good.

Luka's Replika chatbot creates a digital representation of you the more you interact with it

pretty interesting concept and execution. A bit creepy too but still interesting.

Havana Syndrome

pretty wild reports that sound 100% like conspiracy theory but seems like some sort of radiofrequency weapon, based on best guesses. Will this be the next QAnon topic?

Best Movies Never Made: Derek Kolstad

nice interview episode with the creator of the John Wick series. Plenty of enjoyable insights

Bachelor - Doomin' Sun

Jay Some + Palehound collab project. Def worth a listen.

The Donut King

Austin Kleon recommends