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👋 Hi, I'm Michael Eades; a long time Internet dweller, design dabbler, dangerously amateur developer, online social experimenter and frequent curator.

Currently working as a Product Manager at Mosaic. I also keep the lights on at a boutique record label called yk records, a podcast network called We Own This Town and a t-shirt shop called Nashville Galaxy. Previously, I built things for Vimeo OTT, VHX, KNI and Spongebath Records.

This site is an archive of ephemera I find entertaining; tweets, videos, random links, galleries of images.

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Reach out via twitter or good ole email if you have anything to discuss. I do my best to reply in a timely manner.

for the record: "yewknee" is a nonsensical word with no literal meaning but a unsurprisingly nerdy etymology. It is pronounced, "yoo • knee."

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ongoing projects

yk Records →
started in 2009 as a conduit for music that friends had no plans on releasing. now it's a full fledged boutique label focused on releasing quality music from a variety of styles. you know, like a label does. Here's a sampler on Soundcloud and a different one on Spotify. Options.

We Own This Town →
Originally a Nashville area music blog, this site has grown into a full blown podcast network as of 2018. It's an attempt to bring together creative folks about a variety of interesting topics.

I host this show all about Nashville local music outside the expectations of the city. I'm biased but all the shows are good.

Nashville Galaxy →
An online t-shirt shop featuring beloved and defunct Nashville area businesses. Very niche audience on this one but I tend to think niche is good.

some noteworthy other things

Chris Gaines: The Podcast →
published along with co-host Ashley Spurgeon; a limited series podcast that takes an absurdly researched deep dive into the time that Garth Brooks took on a fictional personality named Chris Gaines.

Garth Brooks Chris Gaines Countdown →
to celebrate the 20-year anniversary of the time Garth Brooks took on the fictional personality Chris Gaines and appeared on Saturday Night Live in character, I GIF'ed the entire episode. It's a lot of GIFs; please use them.

Whiskerino →
a social network built around communal beard growing for four months. yes, it was as weird as it sounds but equally fascinating and enjoyable.

Moustache May →
an offshoot of the beard growing contest mentioned above. equal amounts of oddball fun but only a month long.

Summer Mix Series →
before all music was streaming everywhere, Internet music fans would swap zip files of music. it was truly a strange and wonderful time.

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If you're a long time reader of the site, you may recall that I built a site in 2009 for an endeavor called "Lake Fever Sessions." Some friends of mine ran a recording studio called "Lake Fever Productions" and some other acquaintances had a video production house called "Tugboat Productions" - together, they captured performances from a number of different bands and I helped get them on a nice looking site under the Lake Fever Sessions name.

While doing promotion for The Features Some Kind of Salvation LP that I reissued, I ended up posting some in-studio performances from their LFS session and realized it might be a fun challenge to revive the site. The recordings were all still on Vimeo, they were just kind of languishing there.

So, I unearthed an old Dropbox folder of PHP files for the site and got to renovating. The database that powered the site is long gone but the internet archive had all the missing pieces I needed. Many of the techniques used for web development in 2009 are unnecessary now (anyone remember sIFR?), so I modernized where I could. The site is responsive now and uses iframes for video, not objects. Other than that, I tried to leave it alone as a testament to what was.

It was a fun exercise but I hope people do take the time to actually watch the sessions. There are loads of local Nashville bands on there that probably have less broad appeal but sessions from St. Vincent, Cursive, Travis, Brendan Benson, Those Darlins, Sondre Lerche and more should appeal to plenty.

I was proud of it then and I'm proud of it now. Please enjoy Lake Fever Sessions Archive.


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