Last Bandcamp Friday, my lil label released a new EP from The Robe entitled The Jason EP. I posted it there exclusively for a week to drive possible purchases but now it's streaming everywhere.
For the unfamiliar, The Robe is the pseudonym of Rollum Haas; a multi-instrumentalist and collaborator in a number of projects. He's currently the drummer for Soccer Mommy, has previously played a large part in the electronic outfit Coupler and has played with countless bands. His 2019 full length is a wonderful combination of pop and krautrock; krautpop if you will.

This latest release, The Jason EP, is a collaboration between Haas and his longtime friend JB Bennett. They've known each other for some 20-years, just so happen to work at the same record store and have a lengthy list of shared influences. The resulting EP is a wonderful collection of songs that, for me, harken back to the best dark pop of the 80s. It's a cheap game to cite what previous band a current release sounds like but it does provide some enticement and context. If you're into Echo and the Bunnymen, Erasure, Pet Shop Boys and their ilk; I think it's safe to say you'll like this. It's a fantastic blend of dark vibes, melancholy and memorable pop elements. I can't articulate it super well but I love it.

Give it a whirl! Streaming here or on Bandcamp here.


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