A few months back I was flying to New York and posted an Instagram Story of our descent set to the Jay Leo Phillips song "You Might Not Like What You See When You Get There." It worked quite well in my opinion and sparked the idea to try fleshing out some footage set to the song.

Cut to a few months later (aka today) and now there's an official video for the track set to various bits and bobs of video that I've captured over the years. It's not really a narrative piece but the track is instrumental and I think the two pair together well. At the very least, I'm happy with it and Jay seems to be, too.

The EP from which the song comes is called DAYS and you can get it on Bandcamp or streaming. If you're into Tortoise, The Sea and Cake or some of the instrumental Jim O'Rourke stuff, I believe you'll dig it.


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