Spell Caster

October 27th, 2017

My lack of Halloween 2016 mix will likely haunt* me for awhile but it just made me all the more hellbent on making sure to get it right in 2017. So, I'm happy to present SPELL CASTER, roughly an hour of music to listen to while browsing your neighborhood hunting for the undead and random ghosts. Or maybe just to listen to in your office at full blast while there's a cauldron of dry ice creating a sweet mood.

* see what I did there?

  1. Makeup and Vanity Set - Jogger
  2. The Privates - We Liquefy Tapes?
  3. Mort Garson - Deja Vu
  4. Black Box Recorder - Child Psychology
  5. King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - A New World
  6. King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Altered Beast I
  7. Cherry Glazzer - Sip O' Poison
  8. Faux Ferocious - Solvency
  9. Idle Bloom - Interlude
  10. Ariel Pink - Goth Bomb
  11. Beat Vince - The Factory Alert
  12. Jeff Russo - Chaos and Madness
  13. Big Black Delta - BR1B
  14. Makeup and Vanity Set - Ending
  15. DM Stith - Murmurations
  16. DM Stith - My Impatience
  17. Reptaliens - Satan's Song
  18. Wayne Coyne and Steve Drozd - Soundscape From Eraserhead And The Elephant Man