The 2006 Best Of

December 20th, 2006

Creating a single mix to encapsulate an entire years worth of music is always incredibly daunting and near impossible. How can 365 days worth of music be narrowed down to a mear 80 minutes? In order to overcome the largess of this task I applied a simple guideline: The track must serve as just a glimpse of a greater album or EP. This automatically negates the inclusion of CD Singles (i.e. The Shins) or singular stand out tracks from mediocre albums.

So here it is - my 'Best Of' for 2006. Every track is taken from an album or EP that found itself in constant rotation throughout the year. It was difficult to leave out fantastic tracks from otherwise boring albums but I believe this mix serves a greater purpose - to lead you to full albums that you will consistently and constantly enjoy.

Inevitably, there is likely something I completely forgot or overlooked. I apologize in advance for my likely ignorance but I think this mix will still bring you immense pleasure.

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  1. The Most Serene Republic - You're Not An Astronaut
  2. Electric Soft Parade - Cold World
  3. Apollo Up - Invisible Syllable
  4. Man Man - Black Mission Goggles
  5. Midlake - Young Bride
  6. The Hylozoists - If Only Your Heart Was A Major Sixth
  7. Of Montreal - Psychotic Feeling
  8. How I Became the Bomb - Killing Machine
  9. Oh No! Oh My! - I Love You All The Time
  10. The Big Sleep - Murder
  11. RATATAT - Wildcat
  12. Guillemots - Go Away
  13. Forget Cassettes - Lonely Does It
  14. Lazer Man and the Non Commissioned Officers - Ellie
  15. Clearlake - Almost the Same
  16. Beirut - Rhineland (Heartland)
  17. Grizzly Bear - Reprise
  18. Haines, Emily & the Soft Skeleton - Our Hell