Summer Nights V

July 11th, 2010

Every year I add to the Summer Nights series of mixes; originally it was a way for me to compile some of the quieter songs I'd been listening to without disturbing the flow of the regular mixes that I put out - those that tend to be a little more upbeat. Over time, I've come to listen to a lot of music in this style - maybe moreso than the upbeat stuff. It's possible that age just slows ya down or it's possible that the contemplative environment it breeds is just preferred to me personally.

As usual, I'm sure I'm overthinking it. Below is a collection of songs that set the scene for a quiet evening on a warm night with a drink in hand.

I put together a single mp3 mix of the undertaking if you're interested in that rather than the individual tracks.. cleaner in the iTunes and slightly less abrupt transitions between tracks.

[ Download Single Track Mix ]

  1. Duncan Browne - Guitar Piece
  2. Blitzen Trapper - Farthest Shore
  3. The AM - Chanay
  4. The Antlers - Shiva
  5. Majestico - Head & Feet
  6. Twin Sister - Lady Daydream
  7. Autolux - The Bouncing Wall
  8. Pete Drake - Forever
  9. Dark Night of the Soul - Everytime I'm With you
  10. Apostle of Hustle - Baby, You're In Luck
  11. mutual benefit - Drifting
  12. The Morning Benders - Mason Jar
  13. Phantogram - 10,000 Claps
  14. Supergrass - Fin
  15. Slowmotions - We Have An Island
  16. George Harrison - I Don't Want to Do It (acoustic version)
  17. Deerhunter - Cover me (slowly)
  18. Film School - Ms. Connection
  19. Richard Swift - Above & Beneath